Welcome to enviroganic farm

enviroganic farm has been farming organically since June 1999. We have worked with our certifying body "Australian Certified Organic" (ACO) to ensure our farming systems are of the highest standard and to ensure we meet the National organic Guidelines.

At enviroganic farm we have a passion for and are committed to delivering organic produce of the highest possible quality and integrity. We employ industry leading holistic organic production systems to ensure the well-being of the environment.

enviroganic farm's founders, Angus and Sonya Dowling, carry on the committment to the land that has been a part of the Dowling family's focus since they began farming and caring for the environment in the picturesque hill top region of Southern New South Wales in the 1840's.

"We are passionate about the sustainability of our land, environment and rural community. We love where we live and farm, continually striving to improve our organic farming systems and land management. We have planted native trees throughout the property and have set aside large areas for native plants and animals, helping to balance the farm's ecosystems."

enviroganic farm chickens, spatchcocks and turkeys are fed a balanced diet of cereal grains and legumes. Their diet, housing and grazing systems have been developed with the assistance of our veterinary and nutritional consultants to not only encourage growth but to support the optimal health and well-being of the birds. The fields that surround our ranging birds grow the feed required for them. A non-inversion tillage system along with crop and grazing rotations ensure both the soil and the environment are cared for. Sheep and lambs are grazed alongside the poultry on a rotational system to ensure their well-being while maintaining pasture and soil health.


Margaret Fulton officially endorsed enviroganic farm chickens at a launch cocktail party held at her waterfront home in Balmain in May 2003. Margaret Fulton uses enviroganic farm chickens in all her chicken dishes and mentions our products in her new cook book.

"Superb flavour, rich texture... it tastes just like chicken should and I have the peace of mind knowing it is truly organic." Margaret Fulton

Chicken - Turkey - Spatchcock - Lamb